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Visiting speaker Vagelis Michelioudakis will give a talk on “INFORE: Life Sciences Use Case” on Tuesday 16/4.


Critical to the development of new cancer treatments is understanding the mechanisms underlying the emergence of cells resistant to different drug treatments, as well as discovering synergistic combinations of drugs that reduce the chance of this event. Disentangling the emergence of drug resistance is challenged by the inherent complexity of biological systems and thus multicellular systems dynamics such as tumor growth and evolution can only be understood by studying how the individual cells grow, divide and die, and their interactions at the population level. In the INFORE project, the Life Sciences use case will provide a “virtual laboratory” for studying cancer growth and evolution by using multi-scale models of tumor systems. The goal is to facilitate the design, test, and optimization of cancer treatments based on combinations of different drugs and dose scheduling strategies. This study will be key to understanding the mechanisms underlying the emergence of cancer resistance to target therapies and, ultimately, extend the life expectancy of patients.


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