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Visiting speaker Dr Ryan McDonald will give a talk on “Structured Element Search for Scientific Literature” on Wednesday 20/6.


Structured element search is a paradigm in which the main entity being ranked is not a document, but some form of data, e.g., a figure, table, equation, etc. In research oriented disciplines, such as science or journalism, finding, extracting and normalizing such structured elements comprises a large part of current manual effort. In this talk I will describe at high level an end-to-end pipeline for structured element search and dive into two specific components: identifying tables and figures in scientific literature and ranking models. All of this is work in progress, so it will be quite informal!
Joint work with George Brokos, Polyvios Liosos, Dimitris Pappas and Ion Androustopoulos (AUEB); Natasha Noy, Magda Procopiuc, Matthew Burgess (Google); and Jeff Dudek (Rice).

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