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The TCO Cluster, a collaboration amongst the FRISCO, ALLIES and TATE projects which are funded under the same EC call, co-participated in a webinar with the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) on Monday 29 January 2024.

The webinar titled FRISCO x RAN Webinar on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism online was organised by the FRISCO project with the participation of experts from the  RAN, with two key objectives:

– To discuss the latest findings in the field of online radicalisation and extremism with experts from RAN Policy Support.
– To discuss with experts from RAN Practitioners practical approaches and tools for curbing online extremist content and radicalisation processes.

All three projects of the TCO Cluster share the same general objective: to raise awareness, inform and support micro and small HSPs regarding the Regulation on Terrorist Content Online (TCO) and their related obligations.

The TCO Cluster has highlighted the ways each project contributes to the provision of support and dissemination of information regarding the TCO Regulation to Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) and showcased the tools that will be employed for this purpose.

Furthermore, this support is provided in various different ways by each one of the three projects, through information, tools, frameworks, mechanisms and best practices. For instance, while FRISCO is focusing on creating a toolbox, training modules and best practices materials, TaTE is offering technical support and a mentorship programme. ALLIES is focusing on offering an AI-based framework for supporting HSPs on the report and removal of terrorist content. All activities complement each other very well.

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