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More than two hundred delegates participated in the AI4EU Ecosystem Development Forum held in Athens on the 21st and 22nd of November 2019 in the framework of the H2020 research project AI4EU.

The two-day event, which is part of a series of AI4EU-led events across Europe, was organised by AI4EU partner NCSR Demokritos and provided participants with the opportunity to attend a multi-faceted program with world-class speakers from leading organisations, including Dr. Theodoros Evgeniou, INSEAD and Irene Sardellitti, European Commission, amongst others. Numerous panel discussions took place with top level representatives from the Industry and research organisations both from Greece and abroad. In addition, a World Café was organised to discuss human-centric AI that allowed participants to express their views on the topics they chose amongst Philosophy & Ethics, Education & Training, Law & Policy, Workforce, Humanities. Throughout the Forum, an electronic voting and public questioning was adopted encouraging the interaction and participation of the delegates with the speakers and moderators. The agenda of the event and more information is available here to review.

Mr. Patrick Gatellier, coordinator of the AI4EU project from Thales and Dr. Costas Spyropoulos, Research Director at NCSR Demokritos and Head of the Hellenic AI Society opened the two-day Forum.

Dr. Spyropoulos said: I am very pleased with the success of this Forum not only for the successful promotion of the European project AI4EU, in which NCSR Demokritos participates, but also for the active participation of Greek research and academic organisations, and companies on all the issues that were discussed in order to make the best use of AI in daily life, in education, in the Industry and entrepreneurship. The level of Greek AI scientists and researchers is extremely high, internationally acclaimed and they are always available to help understand this technology and assist its exploitation.

Dr. Vangelis Karkaletsis, Director of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications, NCSR Demokritos, said: I am particularly pleased with this International Forum on Artificial Intelligence, which brought together representatives of major European organisations with the dynamic Greek AI community. The initiatives of Greek research organisations in conjunction with actions already taken by industry representatives, technology companies and start-ups, illustrate the fact that things are really happening in this sector and there are excellent prospects. The Forum’s focus on human-centric and trustworthy AI should be at the heart of the Greek national strategy, utilizing the country’s potential in technology and the humanities.

Material from the Forum is available here:

Presentations and Agenda



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