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NCSR Demokritos is excited to participate in the AI4Europe project as a partner and to celebrate the launch of the new improved release of the AI-on-Demand (AIoD) Platform.

Navigating the platform is now more user-friendly than ever, and the refreshed aesthetics mirror the advanced technology that defines AIoD.

Here’s what you can do on the revamped AIoD Platform:

  1. Embrace the Heart of the Community – News, Events, and Projects: Immerse yourself in a vibrant community that thrives on connection and collaboration. Stay updated on the latest news shaping the AI landscape, discover upcoming events, and explore other projects that showcase the limitless potential of AI.
  2. Be Part of the AIoD Platform: Empower yourself to be an active participant. Whether you’re eager to consume AI content or contribute as a creator, your presence is integral to the AIoD experience.
  3. Amplify Your AI Exploration with Our Tools and Services: Exciting tools and services await you, bringing you closer to the forefront of AI innovation. Explore our range of resources designed to equip you to shape the future of AI.

By joining the AIoD Platform, your project secures its place in the future of AI and can take advantage of new functionalities, resources, tools, and services around AI and the community.

Visit the newly released AIoD website!

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