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  • June 17, 2024 till June 17, 2024
  • Greece
  • Athens

A new project kicked off in February 2018 for NCSR Demokritos – SKEL Lab.
Track & Know – Big Data for Mobility Tracking Knowledge Extraction in Urban Areas.
Partners met in Athens, Greece for the first time on 13 and 14 February and started planning the next steps of the project.
Track & Know will research, develop and exploit a new software framework that aims at increasing the efficiency of Big Data applications in the transport, mobility, motor insurance and health sectors. Stemming from industrial cases, Track&Know will develop user friendly toolboxes that will be readily applicable in the addressed markets, and will be also investigated in additional domains through liaison activities with running ICT-15 Lighthouse projects. Track&Know integrates multidisciplinary research teams from Mobility Data management, Complex Event Recognition, Geospatial Modelling, Complex Network Analysis, Transportation Engineering and Visual Analytics to develop new models and applications.

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