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The Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications is proud to announce that the TRANSKRIBUS project of the Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL) won a Horizon Impact Award 2020 in a special session during the European Research and Innovation Days (22 – 24 September 2020).

The award, a European Commission initiative, recognises and celebrates outstanding projects that have used their results to provide value and long-term impact for society. This years’ five winning projects were selected from 10 finalists and 225 applicants, whilst each of the winners received €10,000.

TRANSKRIBUS is a platform that resulted from the completed European research projects READ and tranScriptorium in which CIL’s researcher Dr. Basilis Gatos was scientific responsible and along with his team have actively participated since 2013. The platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to access and analyse hand-written historical documents and archives, through pattern recognition and machine learning, aiming to preserve European heritage and history. This technology is free and available to everyone, already counting 38,000 registered users, while currently being implemented at the National Archives of Finland and the Netherlands.

See a video of the award winning project, below.

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