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Two new collaborations were announced for the Net Media Lab & Mind-Brain R&D, one with the Averofio Greek High School of Alexandria in Egypt, and one with the Social Cooperative Enterprise M.A.N.A. in Greece.

More specifically, from the beginning of its operation, Net Media Lab has created and supported actions for the Greeks of the Diaspora, collaborating with national and international organisations. Such distinguished actions were the recording of Greek Scientists of the Diaspora, the digitisation of material from 160 Museums of Greece and Cyprus, the online presentation of all Greek Authors in collaboration with the two associations of Greek Writers, the online presentation of the Ancient Greek Literature, the online promotion of The Voice of Greece and other media, etc. In this context, NML & Mind welcomed the new collaboration with the Averofio Greek High School of Alexandria, Egypt, which is expected to finish in 2022 and aiming at the most fruitful results, both in the field of transfer of knowledge in educational Robotics and also the strengthening of ties with the Greek Community.

In the context of utilising Information and Communication Technologies for the support of children with special and special educational needs, their families, and teachers, the NML & Mind welcomed its new cooperation with the Social Cooperative Enterprise of Social and Collective Benefit “M.A.N.A.”.

M.A.N.A. stands for the words “I can, I fight, I win, I deserve“, and has been designed to entertain children and also to improve their cognitive abilities, as well as the skills related to the living needs of people with disabilities while having the ultimate goal of vocational rehabilitation and relief of families from their everyday problems.

These new collaborations have been also presented in the online and printed weekly newspaper Amarysia, with 55 years of circulation (since 1965) covers almost all the Northern Suburbs of Athens, Greece.

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