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Following the launch of their collaboration in July 2021 about the creation of Giga Campus, NCSR Demokritos together with Vodafone are now presenting the eleven Internet of Things (IoT) applications that were developed in the Giga Campus by Vodafone & Demokritos and aim to support Greek businesses. The two organisations realise their common vision to participate in the acceleration of the digital transformation of Greece and to contribute in the creation of a sustainable future for all.

Dr George Nounesis, Director & Chairman of the Board of NCSR Demokritos stated: “Through this strategic partnership between NCSR Demokritos and Vodafone emerges the Giga Campus which transforms NCSR Demokritos into the first smart campus in Greece. The IoT and 5G applications that will be developed will highlight the strength and the competitive lead Greek companies will gain by investing in their digital transformation. At the same time, research organisations and academic institutions will be able to utilise the new digital infrastructure to produce new knowledge and innovation”.

Watch the video explaining the collaboration:



The 11 developed Giga Campus IoT services by Vodafone & Demokritos are the following:

  • Vodafone Smart Parking
  • Accessible Parking Monitoring
  • Smart Water Metering
  • Smart Bins Management
  • Vodafone IoT Fleet Control
  • Vodafone Business Temperature Tag
  • Vodafone Temperature Control Advanced
  • Vodafone Remote Healthcare
  • Vodafone Sensing as a Service
  • Vodafone Mobile Asset Tracking
  • Vodafone Occupancy Control

Giga Campus by Vodafone & Demokritos is an innovative initiative that will operate through an ecosystem of IoT applications through the support of Vodafone’s 5G network. This innovative ecosystem growing at NCSR Demokritos aims to evolve Vodafone Business’ cutting edge technologies for Greek businesses and contribute to their digital transformations, as well as increase their business efficiency.

Read the press release in Greek.

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