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ahedd DIH participated in the annual 85th Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF/ ΔΕΘ) in mid-September. The yearly exhibition is considered as one of the most significant in Europe and certainly the most significant for the Greek Society & Economy.

On Sunday 12 September, ahedd made the following presentations at the pavilion of the Hellenic Ministry of Development & Investments:

  • Giga Campus: The design and implementation of a model smart city at Demokritos campus, presented by Denia Kanellopoulou,
  • Smart Attica: An innovation hub for the digital transformation of the Greek economy and its European prospects, presented by Periklis Terlixidis.

The speeches are available in Greek in the following link (starting from 1:28:06 with Giga Campus and following at 1:41:05 with Smart Attica):

The presentation of the Giga Campus is available here.

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