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Newsletter of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT) of NCSR Demokritos
Issue 10  |  May 2014Past issues


Dear Readers,

This is the 10th IIT newsletter! It has been exactly 3 years since our first issue so we take this anniversary as an opportunity to re-introduce ourselves to you with a short video of a few selected scientific achievements.

During the first quarter of 2014, the periodic evaluation of the Greek Research Centers by the General Secretariat of R&T and internationally selected committees, was completed. The evaluation placed our Institute amongst the highest performing research institutes in the Greek Research map in the ICT area.

Several new projects started during this quarter, while others been approved for funding within the next months. The Institute-wide, flag ship project "Synaisthisi" (NSRF/KRIPIS) reaches full speed.

IIT keeps on expanding and continues to offer new job opportunities in research - 16 research positions during the first 4 months of 2014 and 5 PhD scholarships, outpacing last year's hiring record, despite the continuing economic difficulties.

Further to our reach-out policy in research and education, we organize and host in July the 2nd IRSS summer school, aiming at repeating and even exceeding last summer's great success. Also in July, in collaboration with the Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools, we organize SMART Camp, a 2-week workshop on digital arts and robotics for high school students age 14-18 year old.

Stelios Thomopoulos, IIT Director


Institute's Scientific Achievements
A very short video (1.30 min) mentioning the top 10 current scientific achievements of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications - to get an idea of some of the things we do.
Visit our Youtube channel and watch the video
Full speed mode for project SYNAISTHISI
Eleven (11) people have already been employed and four (4) new posts have been announced for the purposes of the project SYNAISTHISI (NSRF/KRIPIS) - "Intelligent Networks for Data Collection and Processing for Energy Conservation".
Find out more about the project

Publications: Books, Journal articles, Conference papers

Projects' Newsletters: Want to stay in touch with our R&D projects' activities?

List of IIT FP7 projects (in pdf)


13 May: USEFIL at eHealth Forum 2014
The European research project USEFIL organized a workshop and had an exhibition booth at eHealth Forum 2014. This year, the eHealth Forum was held in Athens, on 13 and 14 May.
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6-11 April: Convened Session in EuCAP2014
Within the 8th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP2014), held in The Hague, The Netherlands, on 6-11 April 2014, the Convened Session entitled "Theory and Applications of Magnetodielectric Materials in Antenna Design" was an initiative of the project MAGELLAN coordinated by the Wireless Communications (WiCom) laboratory.
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19-21 March: IIT at the LinkedDataEurope Workshop
Dr. S. Konstantopoulos and A. Charalambidis from IIT (Semagrow project) participated in the LinkedDataEurope Workshop, co-organized by a number of European projects relevant to big data and the data value chain.
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19 March: Session on "Open platforms and SDN-NFV"
Media Networks Laboratory (MNL), as T-NOVA coordinator, in liaison with projects NetIDE, UNIFY and SECURED co-organised a session on "Open platforms and SDN-NFV_a paradigm shift to boost innovative Internet services and applications" at Future Internet Assembly, Athens.
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20 February: "Technologies of the 21st century - A possible solution to the contemporary problems in the health sector"
Dr. V. Karkaletsis from SKEL, IIT, and Dr. D. Stamatiadis, CEO of MAIA Consulting, Switzerland, gave a presentation-overview of the 21st century technologies emphasizing on solutions to contemporary problems in Health, at the Pasteur Institute in Athens.
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11 February: Workshop in the context of Safer Internet Day 2014
Safer Internet Day 2014 was celebrated on 11 February 2014. On this occasion, IIT co-organized with Saferinternet.gr an open workshop at NCSR "Demokritos". Concerning IIT, the Workshop is co-organized within the framework of the Institute's activities at the European Thematic Network POSCON.
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3 February: the 2nd BioASQ Challenge started
The Second BioASQ Challenge On Large-Scale Biomedical Semantic Indexing And Question Answering started: On February 3 started Task 2a and on March 5 Task 2b.
Visit bioasq.org
IIT participated in numerous Conferences and Workshops
During the first quarter of 2014 researchers from IIT participated in numerous conferences and workshops, like EuCAP2014, WCNC2014, AISB2014, Smart & Sustainable Cities 2014, HRI2014, etc.
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3-30 July: the 2014 IRSS Summer School
The International Research-Centered Summer School in "Cognitive Systems and Interactive Robotics, Data and Content Analysis" is organized by the Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab (SKEL) of IIT and the Interactive Robots and Media Lab, between 3 and 30 July 2014, at the premises of NCSR "Demokritos".
Visit the IRSS 2014 website
30 June - 11 July: ISL SMART Camp 2014
The Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) of IIT, in collaboration with the Educational Society (Arsakeia - Tositseia Schools), is organizing a summer workshop in Digital Technologies and Informatics. The workshop will be in two cycles and will be held at the premises of Arsakeion Schools of Psychiko. The first cycle will issue the digital arts, while the second Robotics.
Visit the SMART camp website
27-28 March: 80 primary school students discover the exciting world of robotics
SKEL welcomed eighty (80) 12-year-old students from I.M.Panagiotopoulos primary school at the NCSR-D Innovation Exhibition. During the visit, the students had the opportunity to discover the exciting world of robotics through talks and interactive games.
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Free seminars for Education porfessionals
The Telecoms Lab-Net Media Lab organized a free seminar entitled "Introduction to Vocational Guidance with the use of ICTs" with the participation of 1200 people at the main auditorium of NCSR "Demokritos" during the weekend of 22 & 23 February 2014. The seminar which consisted of seven lectures, took place three times over the weekend.
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Lecture series at IIT - The IIT Seminar series gives the opportunity to postgraduate students, to new or existing members of the Institute's labs, to internal and external (invited) speakers to present their work and establish collaborations. List of upcoming and past seminars
2013-14: topics for MSc/BSc Theses and internships by IIS
See all the topics proposed by the Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) Division of IIT, for MSc/BSc theses and internships for 2013-14, in scientific areas like algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image analysis, and many more.
  • Internships completed by: Gouseti Marietta, Mpogdani Eleni, Gkikakis Antonis-Emmanouel, Romnios George and Kovaios Dimitris. Read more


  • 24 February: Successful Evaluation for IIT - Congratulations to all people of the Institute for the very good results. The periodic evaluation of the Greek Research Centers by the General Secretariat of R&T and internationally selected committees, was completed. The evaluation placed our Institute amongst the highest performing research institutes in the Greek Research map in the ICT area. Read more
  • 15 February: Congratulations to Dr. Kostas P. Peppas from the Wireless Communication Laboratory (WiCom) of IIT, for his elevation to the grade of Senior Member of IEEE. Read more
  • Sixteen (16) new jobs and five (5) scholarships for doctoral studies were announced by IIT, between January and April 2014. The scholoarships are given in the context of IIT's joint PhD programs with foreign Universities. View all job openings at IIT
  • IIT, NCSR "Demokritos" signed "The Open Athens Living Lab Declaration". Read more

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