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Newsletter of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT) of NCSR Demokritos
Issue 13  |  May 2015Past issues


Dear Readers,

In the first quarter of 2015, we had some very important events. In the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 in Barcelona (more than 93000 attendees from 200 countries) our apps attracted interest from some of the biggest players worldwide, like Samsung, Amazon, and Intel. In the same event, we launched the WayGoo indoor navigation app for MWC. In the Athens Science Festival (more than 33000 visitors), IIT's interactive exhibits attracted great public attention.

We also participated in a large number of conferences, workshops and other events as co-organizers and presenters of tutorials and research papers. Researchers from our Institute traveled overseas, visiting some of the biggest US Universities, like RICE, Cornell, UTA, UTD, UH, FIU and USC, promoting our labs' achievements and also discussing future opportunities and further collaborations.

Big Data growth, both in volume and in variety, is really exponential. In a parallel way, there is a more and more growing agreement to the advantages resulting from a wider use of Open Data. In this challenging environment, our Institute participates in one of the biggest European projects on Big Data, the BIgDataEurope, that started recently. At the same time, IIT is actively involved in international events like the Open Data Day 2015, that promote the benefits of the adoption of Open Data.

In closing this brief foreword, I would like to invite you to a very interesting event, in which we participate with 6 workshops, the 3rd Hellenic Forum for Science, Technology & Innovation which is taking place from 29 June to 3 July 2015 at the National Center for Scientific Research "Demokritos".

Stelios Thomopoulos, IIT Director


Public R&D dissemination

WayGoo, a navigation mobile app from ISL
A fully functional mobile app named WayGoo was created and designed from the Integrated Systems Lab (ISL) of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT) to perform immersive outdoor and indoor navigation in order to enhance users' experience during the Mobile World Congress 2015 (Barcelona) and the Athens Science Festival 2015. The app is available on Google Play. Read more
30 April: Workshop on Maritime Information Analysis for Environmentally Safe Shipping
Researchers from the Computational Intelligence Laboratory (CIL) and the Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab (SKEL) presented the computational tools and the results developed under the project AMINESS, in which IIT is the coordinator, in a workshop co-organised by IIT at Danaos premises. The goal of the AMINESS project is to contribute in the safety, management and monitoring sea environment and the Aegean Sea in particular.
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17-22 March: Athens Science Festival 2015
Within the six days of the 2015 Athens Science Festival (ASF), approximately 33,000 peolpe visited Technopolis of the City of Athens. The ASF has managed to change the way the scientific community interacts with the wider audience, through a variety of activities and innovative events, creating an unprecedented for the Greek reality, yet, absolutely vital, gateway of communication between them. Researchers from the Integrated Systems Lab (ISL) and the Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab (SKEL) of IIT demonstrated how research in IT is having an impact in everyday life, attracting great public interest.
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28 February: It's Open Data Day!
IIT was a partner at the Open Data Day 2015 workshop in Greece, organised by ODI Athens and the Greek Free/Open Source Software Society (GFOSS) at Innovathens, Athens. Open Data Day is a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analyses using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption open data policies by the world's local, regional and national governments.
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  • 22 March: tribute by "Proto Thema" to Roboskel and Newsum. Newspaper's journalists visited the Athens Science Festival and published an article on the two exhibits that impressed them the most. Read more
  • 2 February: the large-scale biomedical semantic indexing task and 4 March: the biomedical semantic question answering task of the 3rd BioASQ challenge started! Read more
  • Article about BioASQ in the current issue (issue 38, page 38) of the research*EU results magazine. Read more

Publications: Books, Journal articles, Conference papers

Projects' Newsletters: Want to stay in touch with our R&D projects' activities?

List of IIT FP7 projects (in pdf)


Researchers from IIT visited US Universities 17-20 April: Dr. S.C.A. Thomopoulos, Director of IIT and head of the ISL lab, visited the University of Southern California (USC), where he held discussions regarding a joint PhD program between IIT/NCSR Demokritos and USC. Read more 15-21 April: Dr. I. Vetsikas (SKEL) visited the University of Texas at Arlington and the Cornell University and gave a talk titled "Using Multi-Agent Systems Technologies in Resource Allocation", a short presentation of the "Synaisthisi" Project. Read more 30 March - 3 April: Dr. G. Petasis (SKEL) participated and gave a talk at the NSF-Sponsored Workshop on Unified Annotation Tooling and also gave a short tutorial at the Florida International University. Read more 23-27 March: Dr. V. Karkaletsis and Dr. G. Petasis (SKEL) visited and gave talks to the following US Universities: Rice University, University of Houston, University of North Texas at Denton, University of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas at Dallas. Read more
28-29 March: Data Journalism HACKATHON
The Software & Knowledge Engineering Lab (SKEL) from the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications co-organised the Data Journalism HACKATHON held at Innovathens, Technopolis.
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2-5 March: ISL and spin off ClaRET at the Mobile World Congress 2015
The Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) and the spin-off ClaRET of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications participated as exhibitors in the Mobile World Congress 2015, the largest mobile event worldwide, in Barcelona.
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19-20 January: SKEL co-organized the "Future Food Hack 2015"
Dr. S. Konstantopoulos (SKEL) participated in the "2nd SemaGrow Deployment Workshop" and co-organized the "Future Food Hack 2015" in Wageningen/Netherlands.
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10 January: ISL organised "Beyond the site: an archaeological workout" lab
Great audience participation to this event, which can be defined as an attempt to unite artistic and architectural approaches to gaming. It was organised by the Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) and took place at the Association of Greek Archaeologists.
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IIT participated in numerous Conferences, Workshops and Events
During the first quarter of 2015 researchers from IIT participated in numerous conferences and workshops, like the EDBT/ICDT 2015 Joint Conference, the EU Falls Festival, EUCAP 2015, the Mobile World Congress 2015, etc.
Conferences & Workshops IIT participated in
  • 5-6 March: Dr. A. Krithara (SKEL) was invited to represent BioASQ to Evaluation-as-a-Service (EaaS) Workshop in Sierre, Switcherland (funded by the ESF/ELIAS and the VISCERAL project). Read more
  • 27 February: Dr. V. Karkaletsis (SKEL) and S. Auer from Fraunhofer IAIS coordinated the H2020 BigDataEurope launch event. Read more
  • 13 February: Workshop of project SYNAISTHISI where the current status of work and future planning were discussed. Read more
  • 10 February: IIT supported the celebration of the Safer Internet Day 2015. Read more


Agreement of cooperation between NCSR "Demokritos" and the Rice University, USA
The Rice University and NCSR "Demokritos" enter into an agreement of cooperation to establish a program of exchange and collaboration in areas of interest and benefit to both institutions.
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6 March: WiCom presentation in a workshop at PPSPA
Dr. F. Lazarakis from the Wireless Communications (WiCom) Lab was invited to give a presentation on "Electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones" in a workshop organized by the Experimental School of the University of Athens (PPSPA).
Read more
II&T cooperates with UoA in the context of the I.T.M.B. postgraduate program
II&T cooperates with the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UoA) for the implementation of the postgraduate program "Information Technologies in Medicine and Biology" (I.T.M.B.).
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Lecture series at IIT - The IIT Seminar series gives the opportunity to postgraduate students, to new or existing members of the Institute's labs, to internal and external (invited) speakers to present their work and establish collaborations. List of upcoming and past seminars
PhD theses completed, congratulations to:
- Evaggelos Markakis, "Peer to peer constellations in broadcasting environments", Dec. 2014, read more

2014-15: topics for MSc/BSc Theses and internships by IIS
See all the topics proposed by the Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) Division of IIT, for MSc/BSc theses and internships for 2014-15, in scientific areas like algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image analysis, and many more.
  • Internships completed by: Katsios Grigoris-Anastasios, Mpafetis Foivos, Mageiridis Charalambos, Koutromanos Aggelos, Psallas Apostolos, Charalampidis Vasileios, Roueil Claire. Read more


IIT is an iPerform member
Our Institute became a member of iPerform Center, a NSF funded research center that represents collaborations of professors and scientists at the University of Texas at Arlington and the University of Texas at Dallas.
Read more
21 job openings and 1 PhD scholarship by IIT
IIT keeps on expanding: twenty one (21) new job openings at IIT and one (1) new PhD scholarships were announced between January and April 2015.
Read more
  • SKEL goes social: Since January, the Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL) has expanded its social media presence with the launch of official social media accounts. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for the latest SKEL updates. Read more
  • Medianetlab (MNL) will host one of the T-NOVA Project's pilot sites. The project has presented an initial reference demonstrator architecture based on the integration of Openstack and Opendaylight constituting the Virtualised Infrastructure Manager for the Network Function VIrtualisation Infrastructure. Read more
  • 30 January: our annual cake cutting is always a good opportunity for a brief presentation of research achievements of the Institute during the past year and a brief discussion on future plans. Read more

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