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Newsletter of the Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications (IIT) of NCSR Demokritos
Issue 22  |  May 2018Past issues


Dear Readers,

summer is approaching with many events in which we participate. In July we organise the "International Symposium on Big Data for Precision Medicine", in the context of the 6th Hellenic Forum for Science, Technology & Innovation. Also in July, there is the 53rd NCSR Demokritos' Summer School as well as the SMARTcamp, a summer science camp for students age 12 to 18 which our Institute organises for the 5th consecutive year.

At the time you are reading these lines, applications are about to open for the next academic year, for our MSc program in Data Science, a successful collaboration between IIT and the University of the Peloponnese. We have school classes visiting us until the first days of June, to participate in our three pioneer Educational Programs for Greek schools, on Robotics and Autonomous Systems, on Databases and Big Data and on Demokritos, the Philosopher. Participation was so high that we had no empty slot since last October!

A few days ago, we have participated in Athens Science Festival (ASF) 2018, one of the biggest celebrations of Science and Technology in Greece, with the screening premiere of our innovative 2D/3D animation titled "Ariadne's Journey", a projection mapping inspired by the world of Knossos. Furthermore, ASF visitors had the opportunity to discover the scheduled activites, exhibits and events of the festival and navigate through ASF using waygoo, IIT’s mobile application that is provided to the festival for the fourth year in a row free of charge.

This Spring, IIT launched its high quality and aesthetics projection mapping production in Demokritos’ main Amphitheater where in the course of two days, over 2500 spectators, including over 1700 students from across the country, had the opportunity to be immersed in “Ariadne’s Journey,” an audio-visual experience that combines innovative techniques of projection mapping with 2D/3D animation, while set to an original musical score, to provide the audience a unique experience that transcends space and time. With Ariadne’s Journey, IIT sets a new milestone in cross-disciplinarian research and production between Art and ICT.

I wish you all a very pleasant and enjoyable summer!

Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, IIT Director


Public R&D dissemination

24-29 April: IIT at the Athens Science Festival 2018
The 5th Athens Science Festival, titled "Science Without Borders", was bigger and more exciting than ever. From Marsha Ivins, the American astronaut, to the CERN interactive exhibit, to "celebrity science", where known people discuss with scientists live on stage, to the "escape room" where you have to solve the scientific puzzles to get out, but also to dozens of other experiential events and speeches. Events organised by two IIT Labs, namely the Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) and the Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL), attracted great public interest. Read more
Ariadne's Journey - A projection mapping inspired by the world of Knossos
"Ariadne's Journey", a production of the Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) of IIT, is an audio-visual experience, which combines innovative techniques of projection mapping with 2D/3D animation. Between cinematic narrative and installation art, viewers of all ages experience an adventure in three dimensions.
25 & 26 April: the screening premiere took place during the Athens Science Festival 2018 in Technopolis (Gazi) receiving great public attendance. Read more
2 & 3 May: additional screenings took place at the central auditorium of NCSR "Demokritos". Read more
24-29 April: WayGoo was once again the official navigation platform of ASF
Visitors of the Athens Science Festival 2018 have extensively used the WayGoo app, developed by the Integrated Systems Lab (ISL) of IIT, to navigate around the festival and get real time information about the events, exhibitions and booths. Read more
24 March: SKEL Lab on the Hellenic Parliament TV
Dr. G. Giannakopoulos from SKEL Lab of IIT was member of the discussion panel on Artificial Intelligence, on Saturday 24/03, in the Hellenic Parliament's TV show 'Member Card'. The specific episode had the title "4th Industrial Revolution, a new reality is born". Read more

More in Research

23 April: NCSR-D accepted as auditing member in MEF
MEF's membership base of 200+ companies includes a mix of service providers, hardware and software technology vendors, testing, training, and other companies from every geographic region of the world. Media Net Lab (MNL), from IIT, NCSR-D, is collaborating on new MEF 3.0 implementation projects. Read more
19-22 February: FLYSEC project's final field test in Luxembourg Airport
The final field test of the H2020 project FLYSEC, of the Integrated Systems Lab (ISL) of IIT, took place with great success in the Luxembourg Airport. FLYSEC system and applications were deployed & tested engaging actual LuxAirport Security Personnel. Read more
MNL Lab goes deeper in 5G-PPP programme
Media Net Lab (MNL) continues its participation in 5G-PPP programme with 2 new projects 5G-MEDIA (phase 2) & 5GENESIS (5G infrastructures phase). The latter will create a distributed across Europe infrastructure for trials and validation of 5G KPIs. NCSR-D will host one of the 5G islands that will be interconnected. Read more
SKEL Lab builds significant expertise in Precision Medicine
SKEL Lab leads the H2020 iASiS project. Coordinator Dr. G. Paliouras oversees a ten-member consortium bringing together organisations across 4 different EU countries, plus a US (non-funded). Another precision medicine project that has recently kicked off is H2020 BigMedilytics. This 35 partner project will run across 12 countries for 38 months, under Philips's coordinatorship, combining insights from more than 11 million patients. NCSR-D is one of the 12 pilots of the project. Read more
State-of-the-art books by IIT
As reported by Springer Publishing, two books by IIT over-perform in popularity, considering their discipline's average. "Artificial Intelligence: Theories, Models and Applications" is close to 64K dnlds, while "Knowledge-Driven Multimedia Information Extraction and Ontology Evolution" reached 10,5K downloads. Read more
  • More distinctions and important citations in 2017 to Net Media Lab of IIT, by Governmental Institutions and Scientific and Educational Policy Makers. Read more
  • More USA studies are addressing Net Media Lab (IIT) in 2017. Read more

Publications: Books, Journal articles, Conference papers


Upcoming! 11 July: Big Data for Precision Medicine
In the frame of the 6th Hellenic Forum for Science, Technology & Innovation, which is taking place at NCSR-D premises from 10 to 13 July, IIT, NCSR-D, as coordinating partner of the H2020 iASiS project, is organising the "International Symposium on Big Data for Precision Medicine". The Symposium aims to bring together many European & National projects as well as high level officials & organisations relevant to precision medicine. Read more
Upcoming! 2 July: CfP for SLT2018
IEEE's Spoken Language Technology conference (SLT2018) will be organised for the first time in Europe, in Athens Greece, by NCSR Demokritos (SKEL lab, IIT). It will take place at Royal Olympic Hotel from 18 to 21 December 2018. The calls for papers, tutorials and special sessions are available. Read more
6th BioASQ Challenge in progress
The 6th BioASQ Challenge On Large-Scale Biomedical Semantic Indexing and Semantic Question Answering (involves IR, QA, Summarization) started: on February 5 started Task 6a and on March 7 Task 6b. Research groups from all over the world participate in any or all of the tasks and their subtasks. Read more
iASiS project presented in three events
23-24 April: Dr. G. Tzortzis, SKEL Lab, presented the H2020 iASiS project in two events: at the 'Open Research Data to Support Sustainable Health Initiatives' workshop, on April 24, and in a closed meeting, in the frame of the OpenMinTED (OMTD) project, both events in Brussels, Belgium. Read more
8 March: iASiS project coordinator Dr. G. Paliouras, SKEL Lab, gave a speech titled 'Big data for Precision Medicine - The iASiS project' at ELSEVIER's headqurters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Read more
18 April: Networking in Europe
Dr. Y. Corovesis from IIT gave a presentation titled "Networking in Europe (EU policies and the Greek contribution, an overview)" in a workshop held in the context of the the Erasmus+ BE-OPEN project, co-organised by NTUA and 'GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance', in NTUA's premises. Read more
9-13 April: WiCom Lab in EuCAP 2018
The Wireless Communications Laboratory (WiCom Lab) of IIT, participated in the 12th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) held in London, UK. Dr. A. Alexandridis attended the conference and presented two poster papers: "Experimental Evaluation of Patch Antennas with Ferrite Loaded Substrate at 5GHz Frequency Band" and "All-textile stripline for wearable applications: practical interconnection implementation". Read more
20 March: The first workshop of the SAINT project
Nine cybersecurity projects were welcomed at NCSR "Demokritos" for a workshop of the SAINT project coordinated by the Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) of IIT. It was a highly successful clustering and networking event bringing together EU cyber security and privacy related projects with the objective to exchange knowledge & ideas and promote inter-project collaboration. Read more
8-9 March: Workshop "Innovation meets Defense Industry"
In the context of the ongoing effort of the Greek Ministry of Defense to promote extroversion and innovation and in the light of recent developments in Europe in the field of Defense, a 2-day Workshop was organised by the General Directorate for Defense Investments & Armaments (GDAEE). Dr. S. Thomopoulos, Director of IIT and Director of Research in the Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) presented innovative ideas & projects of the Lab. Read more
27-28 February: IIT at the 6th CoP of the EU Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing
In this Conference of Partners (CoP), session "Digital transformation of health and care for Active and Healthy Ageing in Europe", Dr. H. Papadopoulos from IIT presented NCSR-D developments in ICT, in projects for Health and Active & Assisted Living (AAL). Read more
22 February: Workshop on Big Data and Deep Learning Techniques co-organised by IIT
A half-day workshop on Big data and Deep Learning Techniques was co-organized by the Institute of Nuclear & Particle Physics (INPP) and the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (IIT), with invited speakers from CERN. Two presentations were given by researchers from SKEL Lab, IIT, the former was titled "Machine Learning for Complex Event Recognition" by Dr. N. Katzouris, while the latter "Complex Event Recognition at NCSR-D" by Mr. E. Alevizos. Read more
25 January: SKEL Lab at the 3rd Conference for Technology by Naftemporiki
SKEL Lab participated at the 3rd Conference for Technology by Naftemporiki, which took place in Athens, entitled "Artificial Intelligence: Blessing or Threat?". Dr. G. Giannakopoulos was amongst the panelists of the Debate: "Fears and Hopes". Read more
MNL Lab and MEF-defined E-LINE service over 5G infrastructures
Media Net Lab (MNL) is participating in the MEF Proof of Concept project for the delivery of MEF-defined E-LINE service over 5G infrastructures. The demo will take place between 29 October to 2 November 2018, at the MEF 18 conference, in Los Angeles, USA. MNL Lab will support the activities of the project team by contributing the 4G/5G infrastructure of Athens5GLink testbed, which is deployed in NCSR-D Campus. Read more
IIT participated in numerous scientific events
Between September and December 2017 researchers from IIT participated in Conferences like '3rd Naftemporiki Technology Conference', 'ASF 2018', 'EuCAP 2018', 'Gerontology 2018' & Workshops like '1st SAINT Workshop', 'Big Data and Deep Learning Techniques', 'Innovation meets Defense Industry', 'Open Research Data to Support Sustainable Health Initiatives'.
  • 29-31 March: Dr. H. Papadopoulos from IIT participated in the 14th Panhellenic Conference of the Hellenic Association of Geriatrics and Gerontology. He presented the contribution of NCSR-D to the development of IT technologies and IoT systems, including self-assisted living systems. Read more


SMARTcamp 2018: Robotics and Digital Arts courses at NCSR "Demokritos"
For the 5th consecutive year the Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL) of IIT orgnanises the summer science workshops SMARTcamp. For two weeks between 25.06 and 06.07.2018 three workshops in Digital Arts and Robotics will take place at NCSR "Demokritos" premises in Aghia Paraskevi. Read more
"Demokritos" Educational Program goes to Schools
For the first time, SKEL Lab's educational program "Demokritos" visited schools (instead of the opposite) with its specialized museum educator, Mr. C. Fousteris. Students of the 4th Grade of Maraslio Experimental Primary School in Attica fully enjoyed the visit. Read more
PhD thesis completed, congratulations to:
- Foukas Xenofon, "Towards a Programmable and Virtualized Mobile Radio Access Network Architecture", prepared at the University of Edinburgh (School of Informatics, Institute of Computing Systems Architecture), in collaboration with and joint supervision by NeL Lab, IIT. Successfully defended on 22 March. Read more
Lecture series at IIT
The IIT Seminar series gives the opportunity to postgraduate students, to new or existing members of the Institute's labs, to internal and external (invited) speakers to present their work and establish collaborations. List of upcoming and past seminars
2017-18: topics for MSc/BSc Theses and internships by IIS
See all the topics proposed by the Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) Division of IIT, for MSc/BSc theses and internships for 2017-18, in scientific areas like algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning, image analysis, and many more.
  • Internships completed by: Dimitris Papatheodorou & Christos-Minas Mathas. Read more


23 job openings and 9 PhD scholarships at IIT!
IIT keeps on expanding: twenty two (22) new job openings and nine (9) new PhD scholarships were announced by IIT between January and April 2018.
Complete list of job openings
New Year 2018 cake celebrations and awards!
On February 16, we had the traditional New Year cake cut for IIT, with the presence of the Director and Chairman of the BoD of NCSR Demokritos, Mr. G. Nounesis. Mr. E. Alevizos from SKEL Lab was awarded the "PhD candidate of the Year" prize for 2017. Mr. E. Alevizos was also awarded for the Best Publication of the SKEL Lab for 2017, during the New Year cake event of the lab organised on February 2. Read more
Roboskel Lab had its New Year cake event, on January 21, at the smart room of NCSR-D. This year's lucky charm went to Lab's robots. Finally, the MSc Data Science program participants cut their own traditional New Year cake, on January 12. Read more

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