NOC – Network Operations Center

NOC is responsible for the GRNET metropolitan node located at the National Center for Scientific Research Demokritos and for the scientific and operational oversight of the NCSRD Campus Network Infrastructure.

It has a long history of activities related to the creation, development and management of large-scale network infrastructure in production environments and is providing educational services in Digital Skills and consulting services in Digital Transformation.

The NOC has directions in the following areas of Research and Development:

Smart Networks Edge Computing Cyber Security
Inter- and Intra- domain Network Management and Orchestration Edge computing technologies Moving Target Defense
Real-time Zero-Touch Management Edge computing continuum Security as a service for 5G and beyond networks
Network Observability and Monitoring Distributed Orchestration
Network Programmability (SDN-NFV)


C.O.R.E Lab – Connectivity (IoT & Interconnectivity) Optimization (Data Analytics & Automation),Responsive (Infrastructure & Real-time Monitoring Energy Efficiency & Security)


Related projects:


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