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Dr. Ioannis A. Vetsikas holds a PhD from Cornell University, USA (2005) on the topic of designing trading agents in complex systems in the presence of tradeoffs. His research interests lie in the areas of Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Multi-agent Systems and e-Commerce. He has published papers in the top conferences on AI and multi-agent systems. He has worked as senior researcher on the Aladdin project, which conductedresearch on intelligent autonomous agent and examined the properties of the resulting multi-agent systems. He is investigating applications of these techniques in a number of the areas, e.g. service procurement and electricity markets. He is actively involved in the trading agent community. His agents have won the International Trading Agent Competition
(TAC) on several occasions. He served as general chair for TAC-10 and TAC-13 and is currently on the board of directors of the Association for Trading Agent Research.

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