AF3 - Advanced Forest Fire Fighting

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Advanced Forest Fire Fighting

During the recent years an increase of extreme weather events has resulted in a greater concentration of fires which create a very high risk and lead to large-scale events, particularly destructive and difficult to manage.

The AF3 project intends to implement capabilities increasing the efficiency of fire-fighting operations, to save human lives and reduce damages to the environment.

Current methods will be integrated with innovative technologies for preventing, predicting, simulating, monitoring and fire fighting. AF3 will address the ethical and legal issues possibly related to the proposed solutions and will thoroughly consider their impact on human health and environment.

The focus of AF3, aimed to solve weaknesses in current operations, will be on:
• Novel active countermeasure to accurately disperse extinguishing materials both from air and ground, capable to operate in every conditions
• Fast build-up of passive semi-permanent barriers
• Public information channel by using smart phones

The overall coordination of the fire fighting missions is performed through the “AF3 Core Expert Engine” which integrates three complex systems:
• Command and Control station (to allocate resources)
• Risk Analysis Tool (to assess behaviour and health risks to human, livestock and infrastructures)
• Fire Fighting Lab (to predict fire progression and active / passive countermeasures effect)

This engine, receiving input data from a wide array of sensors (satellite, airborne, mobile and stationary systems), will process and merge heterogeneous information and will run in real time mission simulation to provide reliable support to decision makers during crisis management.

The Consortium will validate results in partial tests during the project execution. To assess the global system a final trial will be performed, simultaneously in Spain, Italy and Israel, including:
• An interactive and real time simulation, training and drilling exercise, to demonstrate the AF3 C4I capabilities to efficiently monitor and coordinate fire fighting operations (including the Core Expert Engine)
• A flight test of the Advanced Aerial Fire Fighting System to demonstrate the efficiency of the active countermeasures.

End Users involved in the project will contribute also to the organization of test trials by offering their training facilities to run the demonstrations in complete safety.

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FP7 - Seventh Framework Programme
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