CASAM - Computer-Aided Semantic Annotation of Multimedia

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Computer-Aided Semantic Annotation of Multimedia

CASAM expects to facilitate the synergy of human and machine intelligence to significantly speed up the task of human-produced semantic annotation of multimedia content. The project will deal with the task of aggregating human and machine knowledge with the ultimate target of minimizing human involvement in the annotation procedure. Intelligent human-computer interaction is of central importance, and the concept of effort-optimized knowledge aggregation will be introduced. This as the task of reaching the desired result by requiring the least effort from the user. CASAM will provide a significant boost to the long term goal of achieving really large-scale and precise annotation of multimedia documents with minimum human effort. Semantic annotation will in turn make images, video, audio and text easier to search and retrieve.

Project type: 
FP7 - Seventh Framework Programme
Start to End date: 
01/04/2008 - 31/03/2011
36 months
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