EuTravel - Optimodal European Travel Ecosystem

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Optimodal European Travel Ecosystem

EuTravel aims to support the EU agenda towards an open and single market for mobility services by enabling travelers to organise a multimodal trip in accordance with their own criteria including environmental performance, providing multimodal travel service providers an effective way to deliver customised services addressing any type of specialised travel needs and facilitating fact-based EU policy making. This project will promote the creation of content, open and linked data for travellers enriching the travelling experience.
The project also aims to support travel industry players join forces towards realising an EU shared seamless mobility strategy and architecture. EuTravel will research and demonstrate Inter-modal travel optimised with respect to synchronisation between modes, passenger experience and rights and environmental performance (Optimodal Travel). EuTravel, unlike other projects/initiatives, will deliver an Ecosystem promoting and supporting Optimodal travel that will have higher chances of success as it will be populated with tools that tap into existing mainstream IT travel reservation systems and sources of data.

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01/05/2015 - 30/10/2017
30 months
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