GRANKIT - Grandparents and Grandchildren Keep In Touch

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Grandparents and Grandchildren Keep In Touch

This project aims to promote active ageing and intergenerational solidarity through developing an innovative ICT training course for acquiring the necessary skills in order to participate in the modern world, both for pleasure and for business. Grandparents will be professionally trained with the involvement of their grandchildren who will transfer their current knowledge on social networking. When they will acquire the necessary skills they will set up a social communication network between them. The final stage will be the launching of the GRANDS HELP DESK on the web/platform where they can offer support, help and guidance to children who are in need.

Start to End date: 
01/01/2014 - 31/12/2015
24 months
Financial Info
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Funding organization: 
Leibniz University of Hannover
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