Hellenic CISE - Hellenic Common Information Sharing Environment

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Hellenic Common Information Sharing Environment
Hellenic CISE

The Hellenic CISE project is one of the parallel national projects with the scope to improve and enhance the interoperability among the several maritime authorities in each Member State. It is part of the European roadmap towards a Common Information Sharing Environment for maritime surveillance.
The Hellenic Ministry of Defense, the Hellenic Coast Guard and NCSR Demokritos are working together to deliver an integrated national maritime surveillance environment with enhancedcross-sector and cross border information exchange capabilities.
These enhancements include among other:
• A Situational Picture Manager (SPM) systemfor the HCG. This system will aggregate the information coming from the individual legacy systems and provide tools to correlate/ fuse different layers.
• A CISE adaptor early prototype for the HCG and Hellenic Navy. The adaptor will be the interface that will enable the national maritime authorities to exchange information among them and with other international authorities
• A Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) will be installed as a proof-of-concept on one Fast Patrol Boat (FPB) operated by the HCG to enable automatic exchange of situational pictures with the SPM.

Start to End date: 
01/01/2016 - 30/06/2017
18 months
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