HIT-GATE - Heterogeneous Interoperable Transportable GATEway for First-Responders

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Heterogeneous Interoperable Transportable GATEway for First-Responders

The need: Public Safety (PS) bodies & First Responders (FR) often employ heterogeneous communication technologies e.g. Analogue Personal Mobile Radio (PMR), TETRA, WIMAX etc. As of this constraint, FR units from different bodies cannot interconnect at the site of the accident when a complex crisis calls for cooperative actions (e.g. fire accident on a vessel inside the port ). The same constraint applies in case of cross-border crisis e.g. forest mega-fires.
HIT-GATE delivers: a generic gateway (h/w & s/w) that allows seamless communications & interoperability across all heterogeneous communication networks currently used by FRs around Europe. HIT-GATE’s major achievements are:
• that requires for no major modifications in the handset equipment or existing communication infrastructure.
• that operates over IP (including of course the www).
• that is implemented in relatively short period with minimal resources, utilizing existing experience and knowledge that has been standardized over the past decade.
• that foresees technological compatibility with future network types.
Architecture: HIT-GATE envisages a modular Architecture that aggregates multiple heterogeneous voice, data platforms (including video) under a common all-IP backbone infrastructure enabling interoperability even with circuit-switched networks. Main modules are:
• The “IP Adaptor” that provides the gluing factor to integrate (non-IP) FR networks into HIT-GATE according to the “plug-n-play” logic.
• The “Inner HIT-GATE” module embracing:
o The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) that enables seamless adaptation over an IP backbone for VoIP (live-audio) & IPTV (video streaming/live video feeds) services across heterogeneous FR networks including circuit-switched networks.
o Application Servers, Home Subscriber Servers, Interconnection & border control modules for interconnections under the same/ or different HIT-GATE nodes.
Science: OSI levels 3-5,7: network layer, transport layer, control layer, application layer. Network modeling & management: self-configuration, self-management, network/ service discovery, membership discovery, routing. Interoperability: technology translation/ conversion for multi-media & network routines.
Technology: ETSI TISPAN standards & protocols for advanced networking, SIP for establishment, modification and termination of network sessions, Megaco based on SIP for multi-media sessions, VoiP, IPTV.

Project type: 
FP7 - Seventh Framework Programme
Start to End date: 
01/03/2012 - 30/06/2014
30 months
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