KDubiq - A Blueprint for Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery Systems

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A Blueprint for Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery Systems

This multi-disciplinary approach constitutes a paradigm shift for the field of knowledge discovery since the idea of a standalone (desktop or workstation) analysis tool is abandoned in favour of process integrated, distributed and autonomous analysis systems. Work done in this area merely scratches the surface, is dispersed among several communities, and in a very early stage. Integration of the various sub-areas involves considerable risk. The CA KDubiq will act to close the gap and strengthen long-term research and applications in a new and future-oriented discipline ubiquitous knowledge discovery. It faces many new challenges, e.g. because of technical limitations in memory, CPU power, bandwidth etc, and can only succeed if privacy and security are addressed in a principled and multi-disciplinary manner.

Objectives are:

  • to identify new research challenges, emerging from the changing nature of information and information sources: achieving the vision of ubiquitous knowledge discovery as a transparent set of tools, to be exploited everywhere, anytime, by all
  • to derive strategic guidelines for long-term research by blueprint editing
  • to structure and support emerging multi-disciplinary communities
  • to identify and foster new emergent technologies to be transferred to industry
  • to provide an information service for, students, scientists, industry representatives
Start to End date: 
01/12/2005 - 31/05/2008
30 months
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