ORTHO-eMAN - A web-based e-training platform for Extended Human Motion Investigation in Orthopedics

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A web-based e-training platform for Extended Human Motion Investigation in Orthopedics

The project seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine, by creating a new e-learning environment for human motion analysis. For this reason, the project aims to offer to orthopedic doctors and engineers interested in medical field, a common learning tool, with interdisciplinary approaches using learning methodologies and experience from previous EU project, e-MedI – Virtual Medical School. Our transfer of innovation refers to the transfer of valorised results of previous EU project towards other geographical and professional environment (new countries, new institutions, new target group, new languages, and new fields) with added value in quality and quantity of information developing a European dimension in image acquisition and human motion analysis. The main outcome is a Virtual Training & Communication Center ORTHO-eMAN for innovative education - on-line education and training material accessed via a standard web browser, which provides an integrated on-line learning environment. It will be used as a method of dynamic distribution of course information, but with innovative and more interactive uses, by including a lifelong learning platform consisting of three main components: (a) E-Learning, (b) E-Communicating and (c) E-Mentoring.

LLP - Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation
Start to End date: 
01/01/2012 - 31/12/2013
24 months
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