PACT - Public perception of security and privacy: Assessing knowledge, Collecting evidence, Translating research into action

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Public perception of security and privacy: Assessing knowledge, Collecting evidence, Translating research into action

PACT is a 36 month collaborative project, which aims 1) to assess existing knowledge about the relation between security and privacy and the role played by trust and concern; 2) to collect empirical evidence through a panEuropean survey on the public perception of the relation between privacy, fundamental rights, and security; 3) to analyze the main factors that affect public assessment of the security and privacy implications of given security technology. On the basis of such an investigation, the project will develop and validate i) a Privacy Reference Framework for Security Technology, which is a new, evidence based, framework for incorporating privacy, ethical, and social considerations into security policies; and ii) a prototype Decision Support System, which may help end users to evaluate pros and cons of specific security investments also on the basis of the societal perception of privacy and liberty. The overarching goal of PACT is to carry out a root and branch review (RBR) of public perception of privacy and security, to collect empirical evidence in order to answer research questions posed by the work programme topic SEC‐2011.6.5‐2, and to translate research into a privacy framework and a Decision Support System (DSS). This overarching goal is articulated into three, clear cut, specific S&T objectives. The workplan includes activities, either sequential or parallel, generated by S&T objectives. Activities, which in turn generate deliverables and milestones, are encapsulated in seven discrete workpackages. PACT brings together the critical mass of relevant skills and expertise in specialist areas, say, social science, privacy, policy analysis, empirical research and survey, DSS technology. The project partnership includes academia (Uppsala University), public and private research centres (Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship; Centre for Irish and European Security; NCSRD Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications; The Peace Research Institute Oslo), medium and large enterprises (ATOS Research and Innovation; IPSOS Belgium; RAND Europe), end‐users (Israel Ministry of Internal Security, Greek Ministry of Citizens Protection). They are from seven diverse EU member states (BE, ES, EI, GR, IT, SE, UK), two associated countries (NO, IL). Overall they represent at the highest level all research skills and disciplinary competencies necessary to successfully carry out the project, to effectively disseminate its outcomes among stakeholders, policy makers, and the public, and to inject results directly into the policy matrix. Moreover PACT will set up a Stakeholder Advisory Group including selected representatives of the main stakeholder categories, covering all European geographical and cultural areas, Northwest & Central, East & Southeast, South & Mediterranean, including both old and new member states, with diverse actors and attitudes, and covering the entire value chain of public security in EU‐27.

Project type: 
FP7 - Seventh Framework Programme
Start to End date: 
01/02/2012 - 30/01/2015
36 months
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