SentIMAGi - Brand monitoring and reputation management via multi-modal sentiment analysis

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Brand monitoring and reputation management via multi-modal sentiment analysis

Recent brand monitoring technologies rely mostly on the textual aspect of content to derive the under-lying public sentiment with respect to a brand, essentially ignoring the wealth of - constantly increasing - visual content. SentIMAGi will create a powerful brand monitoring and reputation management framework, exploiting multi-modal sentiment analysis methods and summariza-tion. The aim of the framework is to provide an efficient but complete view of the public senti-ment towards different aspects of a brand. We will break the text-only barrier by fusing the in-formation conveyed via textual and visual content under a unified analysis methodology. SentI-MAGi will also apply summarization and text mining techniques to provide efficient yet complete reports through intuitive visualizations. The SentIMAGi framework will allow the user to describe an information need. Then the system will gather related multi-modal content, analyze it and will visualize the results in an actionable manner, forming a useful decision support toolkit. SentIMAGi is implemented in the context of the Greece-Israel Research Co-operation Program.

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01/07/2014 - 30/09/2015
15 months
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