StoryBot - Automated workflows in news production towards robot-assisted journalism

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Automated workflows in news production towards robot-assisted journalism

StoryBot aims to provide an integrated platform for automated news production and presentation (publications). We propose the idea of a bot that:
• allows the creation of an editorial plan, with a list of topics of interest
• collects and aggregates web content (including content from social media) in real time for each topic of interest, highlighting basic entities from each story
• allows journalists to combine and edit content from various sources into a single story
• publishes the news story in the format and channel chosen by the journalist

The idea behind StoryBot is to create a software solution that can streamline the tasks of editorial planning, content aggregation, writing, editing and publishing into a sequential procedure. StoryBot will act like the journalist's personal assistant, and will be charged with finding the relevant news pieces and organize then in a way that the journalist will be able to produce the news story with much less effort. StoryBot will be based on a mixture of new and already existing components. It will incorporate novel tools for parallel data crawling from multiple feeds (e.g. RSS, social media APIs), content aggregation (including content clustering, categorization and summarization) and personalization features.

Google DNI
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23/01/2017 - 30/09/2018
21 months
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