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  • Hellenic Network for Precision Medicine - Hellenic Network for Precision Medicine, Subproject 5: «Infrastructures, Tools, and Systems for Organization, Processing, and Analysis of Biomedical Data

    This subproject will develop the overall infrastructure, the platform, and the tools for collection, management and analysis of biomedical data that will support the scale up of the number of diagnostic analysis that can be provided for medical applications as well as for pilot studies and demonstration efforts related to precision medicine research.

  • CULDILE - CULtural DImensions of deep LEarning

    This project will develop an integrated expert system for capturing documents, enhancing images and understanding cultural documents. The capturing of an image as it is produced by a low cost scanner as well as pre-processing it, is the first stage of document processing aimed at improving scanned image quality and creating an excellent digital copy.

    GSRT/Ministry of Development
  • Cosmos - Cultural Osmosis - Mythology & Art

    The abundance of Greek mythology, combined with the need to preserve and spread the intangible cultural heritage, constitute the incentive towards the exploration of new ways to depict and narrate these fascinating "stories". The COSMOS proposal aims at the wide diffusion and the better understanding of this complex and monumental work, by means of an attractive, user-friendly and easily accessible tool.

    EPAnEK (Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
  • Narration - Narration: Integrated system for management and curation of digital content and production of personalized and collaborative narratives.

    The "Narration" project involves the creation of an integrated system of digital content management and editing and production of personalized individual and collaborative narratives and implemented co-funded by Greece and the European Union- European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the operational program Competitiveness- Entrepreneurship-Innovation (ΕPAnEK).

    EPAnEK (Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation)
  • TRESSPASS - robusT Risk basEd Screening and alert System for PASSengers and luggage

    TRESSPASS is a H2020 42-month Innovation action project that covers air, maritime and land (including car and train) border crossing points, and specifically travel routes that combine different modalities. It excludes border crossings outside of border crossing points, as it happens with boats of refugees on the Mediterranean. With regards to threats, this includes smuggling, irregular immigration, cross border crime, and terrorism, including threats to the transport itself (e.g. aviation security – per the topic text).

  • CIVILnEXT - Next generation of information systems to support EU external policies

    CIVILnEXt project aims at contributing in the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) through the procurement and the development of innovative solutions that will support the mission operations of EU to third countries.

  • DARE - Delivering Agile Research Excellence on European e-Infrastructures

    DARE (Delivering Agile Research Excellence on European e-Infrastructures) aims to provide scientific communities with a unifying hyper-platform and development context to allow for user-friendly and reproducible carrying out of huge data-driven experiments, and rapid prototyping. DARE specifically addresses the requirements of innovating teams of research developers and scientists, who work on the intersection of software engineering and scientific domains, and on data, complexity and computing extremes.

  • Track and Know - Big Data for Mobility Tracking Knowledge Extraction in Urban Areas

    Track&Know will research, develop and exploit a new software framework that aims at increasing the efficiency of Big Data applications in the transport, mobility, motor insurance and health sectors. Stemming from industrial cases, Track&Know will develop user friendly toolboxes that will be readily applicable in the addressed markets, and will be also investigated in additional domains through liaison activities with running ICT-15 Lighthouse projects.

  • BigMedilytics - Big Data for Medical Analytics

    There are three main reasons for an immediate innovation action to apply big data technologies in Healthcare. Firstly, a Healthy nation is a Wealthy nation! An improvement in health leads to economic growth through long-term gains in human and physical capital, which ultimately raises productivity and per capita GDP. Secondly, Healthcare is one of the most expensive sectors, which accounts for 10% of the EU’s GDP continuously becoming more expensive.

  • SYNTELESIS - Innovative Technologies and Applications Based on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing NSRF / ΕΣΠΑ (ΕΠΑΝ ΙΙ)

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