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  • CLICHA - Climate Change in Agriculture

    The primary sector, plant and animal production, depends a lot on the climatic conditions and it is expected to carry most of the weight of this change. Therefore, adjustments are necessary in the way that we perform agriculture; adjustments that will allow the continuation of the production of quality food from animal and plant origin and that will ensure the survival of the human race.

  • Seniors Go Digital - Seniors Go Digital: Promoting Inclusive Strategies for Disadvantaged Seniors

    Although many senior citizens enjoy good health, aging often brings difficulties preventing older citizens from accessing goods and services and living independently. Ensuring accessibility for all is both a question of fundamental rights and crucial to making the most of the potential that senior citizens have in social and economic terms. Adult learning provides a means of up skilling or re-skilling those affected by unemployment and age, as well as making an important contribution to social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development.

  • RemoteCARE - Remote Healthcare Service Provision

    The cross-border area is a rather rural area including remote villages with difficult access to large urban centers where health-care units exist. As a result, the rural population does not receive primary healthcare services. The proposed project aims at solving this problem by providing healthcare services to the targeted population on a regular basis with an emphasis on prevention and early diagnosis.

  • MSc in Data Science

    This MSc (Master of Science) in Data Science program is the result of a collaboration between the National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos" (link is external) and the University of the Peloponnese (link is external).

  • SAINT - Systemic Analysis In Network Threats

    The project SAINT – Systemic Analysis In Network Threats proposes to advance measurement approaches and methodologies of the metrics of cybercrime through the construction of a new theoretical and empirical framework of scientific analysis.

  • iASiS - Integration and analysis of heterogeneous big data for precision medicine and suggested treatments for different types of patients

    The vision of IASIS is to turn the wave of data heading our way into actionable knowledge for decision makers. This will be achieved by integrating data from disparate sources, including genomics, electronic health records and bibliography, and applying advanced analytics methods to discover useful patterns. Big Data in healthcare is in its early days, and most of the potential for value creation is being unclaimed. One of the main challenges is the analysis of acquired data.

  • ΑΠOΛΛΩΝΙΣ - Εθνική Υποδομή για τις Ψηφιακές Ανθρωπιστικές Τέχνες και Επιστήμες και για την Γλωσσική Έρευνα και Καινοτομία.

    Το υποέργο αφορά στην αναβάθμιση των υπηρεσιών του clarin:el μέσω της επικαιροποίησης/αναβάθμισης των υπαρχόντων εργαλείων και των υπηρεσιών που έχουν ενταχθεί από το ΕΚΕΦΕ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΙΤΟΣ (ΕΚΕΦΕ-Δ), και μέσω του εμπλουτισμού του clarin:el με νέους γλωσσικούς πόρους, υπηρεσίες και πιλοτικές εφαρμογές. Αξιοποιώντας τα αποτελέσματα και τις τεχνολογίες που έχουν αναπτυχθεί από το ΕΚΕΦΕ-Δ σε μια σειρά από ερευνητικά έργα, όπως το «Εθνική Ερευνητική Υποδομή CLARIN EL», το «SentIMAGi», το «YourDataStories»
    και το «BigDataEurope», το ΕΚΕΦΕ-Δ θα υλοποιήσει τις ακόλουθες δράσεις:

  • CY CISE - Cypriot information sharing environment towards an integrated national maritime surveillance awareness and enhancement of cross-sector and cross-border exchange of information

    CY CISE mainly aims in the development of the Cypriot information sharing environment towards an integrated national maritime surveillance awareness, complying with the overall European CISE vision. It builds on the knowhow developed within the Hellenic CISE project (EASME/EMFF/2014/ however having NO overlapping between the new intended actions with the action funded under MARE/2014/26 call for proposals.

  • MARINE-EO - Bridging Innovative Downstream Earth Observation and Copernicus enabled Services for Integrated maritime environment, surveillance and security

    MARINE-EO is a H2020 PCP project that focuses on “Maritime Awareness” a top priority for Europe . “Awareness” sought either with regards to maritime security, border control against irregular immigration and safety of navigation, or sought in regards with the marine environment and climate change. “Awareness” is sought both for sea-basins of traditional interest like the Mediterranean and the Atlantic as well as for basins currently trending like the Arctic.
    The objectives of this project are:

  • FocusLocus - FocusLocus ADHD management Gaming System for educational achievement and social inclusion

    FocusLocus is a H2020 Innovation Action project that aspires to develop a gamified intervention programme for the management of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) conditions.


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