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  • COncORDE - Development of Coordination Mechanisms During Different Kinds of Emergencies

    The threat of mass casualty incidents or medical surges to healthcare systems has always been present.
    Preparing essential parts of the healthcare system such as hospitals and their partners to prevent, respond,and rapidly recover from these threats is critical for protecting and securing the entire health infrastructure.
    Large-scale disaster situations causing mass casualty incidents are characterised by large numbers of

  • SPEEDD - Scalable ProactivE Event-Driven Decision making

    SPEEDD (Scalable ProactivE Event-Driven Decision making) will develop a system for proactive event-based decision-making: decisions will be triggered by forecasting events -whether they correspond to problems or opportunities- instead of reacting to them once they happen.
    The decisions and actions will be real-time, in the sense that they will be taken under tight time constraints, and require on-the-fly processing of "Big Data", ie extremely large amounts of noisy data storming from different geographical locations as well as historical data.

  • Greco-Risks - Hellenic Natural-Hazards Risk-Mitigation System of Systems

    The proposal named "Greco-Risks" Hellenic Natural-Hazards Risk-Mitigation System of Systems (A real time 365/24 operational platform)" was selected for funding in the context of "SYNERGASIA 2011" national research programmes framework. Besides NCSR Demokritos, participating with the Integrated Systems Laboratory (http://isl.iit.demokritos.gr), the consortium includes a well balanced team of relevant government agencies, industry, SMEs and academic partners.

  • REVEAL - REVEALing hidden concepts in Social Media

    The world of media and communication is currently experiencing enormous disruptions: from one-way communication and word of mouth exchanges, we have moved to bi- or multi directional communication patterns.

  • SYNAISTHISI - Intelligent Networks for Data Collection and Processing for Energy Conservation

    The purpose of the "SYNAISTHISI" project is to research and build a system that can seamlessly integrate heterogeneous sensor, processing and actuator networks and provide a flexible yet extendable service layer that can translate such networks (devices, sensors, machines, humans, etc.) into reusable service components that are easily “weaved” into applications. For the scope of this project several application scenarios have been identified.

  • PREPARE - Innovative integrative tools and platforms to be prepared for radiological emergencies and post-accident response in Europe

    This project aims to close gaps that have been identified in nuclear and radiological preparedness following the first evaluation of the Fukushima disaster. It addresses the call Fission-2010-3.3.1: Update of emergency management and rehabilitation strategies and expertise in Europe.

  • POSCON - Positive Online Content and Services for Children in Europe

    With more and more children being online at a young age, concepts and ways to accompany and support them in their first and further steps on the internet are needed more than ever. One important keyword here is positive content and services – websites, online content, online environments and increasingly also apps where children can easily and safely enjoy the internet and mobile devices. This issue has been addressed on several levels before – on national level with initiatives bringing forward the production and promotion of positive content, and on European level e.g.

  • CLARIN-EL - CLARIN ATTIKI - Support and development of Greek partners for the participation in the European Research Infrastructure Consortia

    CLARIN-EL aims at:
    • designing and implementing the Research Infrastructure (creation of software for the storage and disposal of Language Resources and Technologies, conversion of Language Resources and Technologies aimed at interoperability, description / documentation of Language Resources and Technologies according to the agreed metadata schema, list of available Language Resources and Technologies etc.), by adopting international standards and best practices geared towards interoperability of resources and tools

  • C2LEARN - Creative Emotional Reasoning Computational Tools Fostering Co-Creativity in Learning Processes

    The C2Learn project aims to introduce an innovative digital gaming and social networking environment incorporating diverse tools, the use of which can foster co-creativity in learning processes in the context of both formal and informal educational settings.

  • SEMAGROW - Data intensive techniques to boost the real-time performance of global agricultural data infrastructures

    As the trend to open up data and provide them freely on the Internet intensifies, the opportunities to create added value by combining and cross-indexing heterogeneous data at a large scale increase. To seize these opportunities we need infrastructure that is not only efficient, real-time responsive and scalable but is also flexible and robust enough to welcome data in any schema and form and to transparently relegate and translate queries from a unifying end-point to the multitude of data services that make up the open data cloud.


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