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  • ORTHO-eMAN - A web-based e-training platform for Extended Human Motion Investigation in Orthopedics

    The project seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine, by creating a new e-learning environment for human motion analysis. For this reason, the project aims to offer to orthopedic doctors and engineers interested in medical field, a common learning tool, with interdisciplinary approaches using learning methodologies and experience from previous EU project, e-MedI – Virtual Medical School.

    LLP - Leonardo da Vinci - Transfer of Innovation
  • NOMAD - Policy Formulation and Validation through non moderated crowdsourcing

    The ability to leverage the vast amount of user-generated content for supporting governments in their political decisions requires new ICT tools that will be able to analyze and classify the opinions expressed on the informal Web, or stimulate responses, as well as to put data from sources as diverse as blogs, online opinion polls and government reports to an effective use.

  • GERYON - Next Generation Technology Independent Interoperability of Emergency Services

    GERYON proposes an innovative emergency inter-networking system capable of connecting existing irst responder
    communication systems and enabling the integration of next generation mobile networks by  defining technology independent standardized interfaces and autonomic configuration and adaptation techniques under the umbrella of

  • USEFIL - Unobtrusive Smart Environments for Independent Living

    The number of elderly citizens in EU as well as the total number of seniors living alone is growing leading to increased demands placed on society’s care and medical services. Although ICT technologies can increase safety, independence and quality of life of elderly people while staying at home the adoption rates of such advancements show that these are still undesired by the majority of the population. USEFIL project intends to cope with this gap proposing advanced but affordable in-home unobtrusive monitoring and web communication solutions.

  • ACRIMAS - Aftermath Crisis Management System-of-systems Demonstration

    Crisis management (CM) is a core capability of modern societies, but a highly diversified and heterogeneous area. Current. CM in the EU can be regarded as a “system-of-systems” integrating diverse organisations and components with different cultures, policies and assets, and various stakeholders and procurement schemes. ACRIMAS understands the term “system-of-systems” that it incorporates technology, procedures, organisational concepts, and human factors.

  • ALICANTE - MediA Ecosystem Deployment through Ubiquitous Content-Aware Network Environments

    The ALICANTE project proposes a novel concept towards the deployment of a new networked 'Media Ecosystem' based on a flexible cooperation between providers, operators and end-users.

  • PERSEUS - Protection of European seas and borders through the intelligent use of surveillance

    PERSEUS delivers a comprehensive set of validated and demonstrated recommendations and proposes standards. PERSEUS has assembled major users and providers, ensuring privileged access to existing surveillance systems and assets for an optimised coverage of the area of interest. These users will define, assess and validate the alignment of PERSEUS's recommendations to their needs. PERSEUS also includes an evolution mechanism to enlarge the user base and integrate emerging technologies during its lifetime.

  • GREENET - An early stage training network in enabling technologies for GREEN radio

    GREENET aims at the formation of a joint Training/Research Network focused on the analysis, design, and optimization of energy efficient wireless communication systems and networks.

  • TASS - Total Airport Security System

    TASS is a multi-segment, multi-level intelligence and surveillance system, aimed at creating an entire airport security monitoring solution providing real-time accurate situational awareness to airport authorities. The TASS concept is based on integrating different types of selected real time sensors: sub-systems for data collection in a variety of modes, including fixed and mobile, all suitable for operation under any environmental conditions.

  • DITSEF - Digital & Innovative Technologies for Security & Efficiency of First responder operations

    DITSEF aims at increasing the effectiveness and safety of First Responders by optimal information gathering and sharing with their higher command levels.
    DITSEF will provide
    - Self-organising, robust ad-hoc communications where the existing infrastructure may be compromised, allowing communication between First Responders and between them and their command level
    - Accurate novel 3D positioning in indoor environments
    - Sensors that offer a reliable overview of the situation and of the potential threats (explosives, chemicals, fire, etc.).


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