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Data plays a critical role in the validation of facts and finding new stories – provided that data can be easily analysed and understood. Getting the “gist” of a data source and quickly finding out what questions can be answered, is still a challenge. DataStories seeks to provide a solution that will equip journalists with skills required for data journalism, enabling them to analyse flows of data and bring sense and structure to it. It will help to extract facts and insights, revealing the “hidden” stories that the data brings up, providing the context to support and shape journalist’s future stories. One of the most common data problems identified is the difficulty to bring data from different sources together and find specific information or a specific story within a large data set. This is often a time consuming and expensive task. The project aim is to bring the most important and useful automation tools together in one platform in order to understand the data by the seamless integration of large amounts of open data from different data sources which will enable the user to easily access data on-demand. Secondly the tool allows a visual exploration and combination of data into meaningful stories.

  • Google
  • 559,000 Euro
  • 185,000 Euro
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