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Evidence-based co-creation methodology for closing the implementation gap between knowledge and action in health promotion

January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2024

NCSR budget: 243,018€

Health CASCADE is an ETN at the intersection of health promotion, public health, social sciences and digital technologies and high impact applications in the health care, occupational, educational and public health sectors. – Scientific basis: Co-creation of health promotion interventions pioneered in Europe. – Aim: To CASCADE co-creation skills and expertise by training of a new generation of professionals capable of working across disciplines, public and private sectors (i) training by doing through ESR research projects; (ii) workshops and tailored courses in science and transferable skills, hands-on experience with an emphasis on collaborative learning and working; (iii) researcher mobility within a wide ranging network of expertise and exposure to a wide variety of research environments – A coordinated effort by 7 beneficiaries and 14 partner organisations from 8 European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, Sweden) secures a pan-European multidisciplinary approach in multienvironment (universities, research centres, SMEs, large civil organisations and companies) and -sectoral (education, industry, health care) contexts. – Four high impact fields key for European public health: Education, Workplace, Health Care and Community.

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