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AIEdu project aims to encourage development of new approaches and teaching practices in citizenship education by focusing on the impact of the AI in the society. The project activities will be based on the digital citizenship education model, developed by the Council of Europe, as well as the Council of Europe’s Reference Framework of Competences for Democratic Culture. It is addressed initially to educators of formal and non-formal education, supporting primary young educators (under 35), to become better aware of the responsible and respectful ways to use technology as part of their work, and to learn more about media literacy and importance to use reliable digital media/sources. Upon completion of the project, the target group will learn how to support development of the students’  digital skills and AI competencies in order to protect and promote human rights and inclusion in the digital era.

  • THE CIVICS Innovation Hub gGmbH
  • 12,000 €
  • 8,500 €
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