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International cooperation for digital standardisation

Horizon Europe
January 1, 2024 - June 30, 2026

NCSR budget: 133,562€

INSTAR is a 30-month project aimed at reinforcing Europe’s leadership in setting global standards for advanced ICT technologies such as AI, 5G/6G, internet protocols, IoT, cybersecurity, data, eID, quantum technology, and DLTs. The project focuses on collaborating with strategic international partners to shape the definition and adoption of standards in target countries. It involves conducting studies and analyses on ICT standards and monitoring international standards in trade and cooperation agreements.

Key activities of INSTAR include:

  1. Managing technology domain workstreams through experienced ICT standardisation experts to develop high-level standardisation frameworks.
  2. Engaging key stakeholders and mapping standards onto a Standards Dashboard.
  3. Activating high-level task forces for input provision.
  4. Organizing webinars and workshops.
  5. Delivering regular reports on common standards and roadmaps.
  6. Monitoring the implementation of international standards in trade and cooperation agreements.

The project’s impact is expected to be significant, including the development of high-level standardisation frameworks, a comprehensive Standards Dashboard, the establishment of six high-level Task Forces, bi-annual reports on standard agreements and roadmaps, and the monitoring of international standards in agreements.

INSTAR is supported by a strong consortium of 10 partners from 8 countries, comprising 4 specialist consultancy SMEs, 4 Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs), an industry association, and a university.

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