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The massive increase in device connectivity and generated data has resulted in the proliferation of intelligent processing services to create insights and exploit data in a multi-modal manner. Currently, the most powerful data processing operates in a centralised manner at the cloud, which provides the ability to scale and allocate resources on demand and efficiently. Centralised processing and cloud hosting, bound and limit their services and applications to operate in a resource restricted manner, relying usually on large single entities to provide, i) Authentication, ii) Data storage, iii) Data processing, iv) Connectivity, v) Vendor-locked environments for development and orchestration. This significantly limits the user from its data governance and even identity management. Similarly, existing solutions for edge device authentication require a centralised entity to trust them and authenticate them, rendering a non-portable identification paradigm. OASEES aims to create an open, decentralised, intelligent, programmable edge framework for Swarm architectures and applications, leveraging the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) paradigm and integrating Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) processes for efficient decision making. The OASEES vision is to provide the open tools and secure environments for swarm programming and orchestration for numerous fields, in a completely decentralised manner. An important aspect in this process is identification and identity management, in which OASEES targets the implementation of a portable and privacy preserving ID federation system, for edge devices and services, with full compliance and compatibility to GAIA-X federation and IDSA trust directives and specifications. This situation solidifies the need for an integrated enabler framework tailored to the edge’s extreme data processing demands, using different edge accelerators, i.e. GPU, NPU, SNN and Quantum.

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