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A European Positive Sum Approach towards AI tools in support of Law Enforcement and safeguarding privacy and fundamental rights

October 1, 2021 - September 30, 2023

NCSR budget: 245,000€

popAI is a 24 month Coordination and Support Action bringing together security practitioners, AI scientists, ethics and privacy researchers, civil society organisations as well as social Sciences and humanities experts with the purpose of consolidating knowledge, exchanging experience and raising awareness in the EU area, under a well-planned work methodology. The core vision of popAI is to foster trust in AI for the security domain via increased awareness, ongoing social engagement, consolidating distinct spheres of knowledge (including theoretical & empirical knowledge by academics & non-academics) and offering a unified European view across LEAs, and specialised knowledge outputs (recommendations, roadmaps, etc), while creating an ecosystem that will form the structural basis for a sustainable and inclusive European AI hub for Law Enforcement. PopAI approaches the call requirements under a sustainable ecosystem perspective, aiming to create cross disciplinary ecosystem AI-LEA ethics hubs. First, we aim to utilize existing knowledge, but also an extensive set of studies, to identify and record the direct and indirect stakeholders of the “security and AI” setting, as well as their respective points of view (concerns, perceived opportunities, challenges). This recording aims to further delve into the dynamic interactions of these stakeholders and ensure appropriate gender and diversity representation in the participatory processes. This way popAI will tap into the rich knowledge of security practitioners, civil society organisations, and citizens, as well as Social Sciences and Humanities experts, to define appropriate interactions and material (e.g. talks, cross-disciplinary reports, workshops, online resources) that will allow co-creation within the ecosystem. Such interaction will empower a Positive Sum viewpoint when participating in innovation processes related to security and AI (from idea inception, to product development and application).

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