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The Flagship Action for SARS-CoV-2 will carry out an epidemiological study in Greece through extensive virus and antibody detection campaigns, viral genome sequencing, and patients’ genome sequencing.
NCSR “Demokritos” and ATHENA Research Centre collaborate on the sub-project that develops the computational infrastructure needed to
(a) store and process sequencing data, supporting the efficient execution of bioinformatics workflows designed and implemented in other sub-projects, and (b) integrate and correlate this data with patients’ demographic and clinical data. This infrastructure will serve the needs of the scientific community to analyse large-scale genomic and clinical data of Greek patients and study their correlation with the risk of the disease, drug efficacy, and other factors.

The infrastructure will be designed based on provisioning and containerization technologies that enable seamless installation and scalable execution in modern computing infrastructures (Kubernetes, Docker, distributed file system).The sub-project will also deal with issues of data collection, disposal and organization in a way that data protection and GDPR compliance are enforced without compromising data service quality.

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