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The project aims to accelerate last mile and edge adoption in the rural ecosystem and assess their impact as a whole in a multi-disciplinary manner. The ADSS to be developed will facilitate the adoption process and disrupt the ecosystem via its innovative technologies. To achieve this vision in a heterogeneous environment, it is crucial to involve different stakeholders and follow a multi-disciplinary and inclusive approach.

The AGRARIAN consortium consists of 13 organizations spread over 9 countries in Europe. The project team represents organizations of all sizes, farming associations, livestock, industry, SMEs, research institutes, and universities. The AGRARIAN team exactly achieves this balance in expertise, technology skill sets and societal aspects as well. The consortium comprises experts in non-terrestrial, edge and AI/ML technologies, agricultural stakeholders, and organizations with long experience in hosting open calls, all focused on fostering a framework for rural business engagement, societal inclusion and empowerment.

  1. NCSRD
  2. DLR
  3. LEO
  4. SIM
  5. UBO
  6. ADRE
  7. APPR
  8. AVIPE
  11. MAICH
  12. TERRA
  13. SATEL
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