Big data for a Linked Open Economy

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Conference Proceedings (fully refereed)
Vafopoulos, M., Anagnostopoulos, I., Negkas, D., Razis, G., Vafeiadis, G., Skaros, I., Glykos, K., Tzani, A. & Galanos, E.
As the volume data grows exponentially, more and more big data handling approaches are also applied in the linked data cloud. Thus, semantic triplets which are nucleus of the Resource Description Framework (RDF) must be harmonized to the demanding needs of the 4Vs. This paper presents the architecture and the main components of a big linked data repository named LinkedEconomy. The scope of the platform is to collect, process, interlink and publish unprecedented high-detailed economic data in machine-readable format, in order to a) provide a new data corpus for enriching research efforts in Economic, Statistics and Business studies, and b) contribute to Big data analytics for corporate decision making.
Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL)
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INNS Conference on Big Data
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INNS Conference on Big Data
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Grand Hotel Palace
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Sun, 23/10/2016 - Tue, 25/10/2016
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