A comprehensive control, command, and information (C2I) system for risk-based security

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Conference Proceedings (fully refereed)
Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos, Dimitris M. Kyriazanos, Kostantinos Dimitros, Vassilis Lampropoulos, George E. Vastianos, Stelios Daveas, National Ctr. for Scientific Research Demokritos (Greece
Risk-based security at border-crossing points is currently under extensive evaluation in order to determine how the concept can be applied in order to increase the level of passenger experience during check-ins and improve the passenger flows while maintaining a high level of security (low level of false negatives). Risk assessment, in particular in view of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), requires a complex security system design and implementation with a lot of field sensors, continuous risk calculations, real-time data collection from a variety of electronic and “human” sensors, in compliance with GDPR, real-time data processing and geodetic data visualization, and the capability to run simulation scenarios on-the-fly. FlySec, a European funded project, has developed a comprehensive C2I system, in the form of a portal, that allows the design, implementation and operation of a sophisticated risk-based security system with embedded simulation capabilities.
Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL)
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SPIE DCS Defense + Security
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US:United States
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Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center
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Sun, 15/04/2018 - Thu, 19/04/2018
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