Creating a Smart Room using an IoT approach

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Conference Proceedings (fully refereed)
Sfikas, G., Akasiadis, C. & Spyrou, E.
In this paper, we present one of the pilot applications of the SYNAISTHISI project, whose goal is to transform a typical meeting room to a \smart meeting room". The SYNAISTHISI platform is used to provide the necessary infrastructure to interconnect heterogeneous devices and services over heterogeneous networks. In the presented case, multiple sensing, processing and actuation units have been developed and deployed. The room's state is continuously monitored and either manually, remotely, or even through automatic processes, decisions are made to control room lights, cooling, heating, and projector operation. For example, when a meeting is scheduled, the lights and the projector turn on automatically. During the meeting session, environmental measurements (temperature, humidity and ambient light), energy consumption measurements and estimations of the number of people present are collected. Maintaining comfort levels for room occupants is achieved through automatic rule-based decision making. In order to evaluate our approach we follow a qualitative evaluation performed by real-life users of the Smart Room.
Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL)
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AI - IoT 2016, SETN 2016
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AI - IoT Workshop, 9th Hellenic Conference on Artificial Intelligence
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Grand Hotel Palace
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Wed, 18/05/2016 - Fri, 20/05/2016
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