An exploratory analysis of news trends on twitter

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Conference Proceedings (fully refereed)
Bougiatiotis, K., Krithara, A., Paliouras, G. & Giannakopoulos, G.
Twitter, a most popular micro-blog, serves more as a news medium than a social networking service. It attracts more and more Web users to access/share news and stimulates news recommendation on social Web. However, the difference between news access and sharing on Twitter is almost not considered seriously. In this paper, we exploratively study the news browsing behavior on Twitter comparing to usual Web based on the analysis of some data sets, which contains the net view data, twitter data, and Web news. We explain the different trends of users' information acquisition between these two news media, and present possible influences brought to current news recommendation mechanism on Twitter.
Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL)
Conference Short Name: 
IJCAI 2016
Conference Full Name: 
25th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Conference Country: 
US:United States
Conference City: 
New York City
Conference Date(s): 
Sat, 09/07/2016 - Fri, 15/07/2016
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