Heterogeneous Stream Processing and Crowdsourcing for Urban Traffic Management

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Conference Proceedings (fully refereed)
Alexander Artikis, Matthias Weidlich, François Schnitzler, Ioannis Boutsis, Thomas Liebig, Nico Piatkowski, Christian Bockermann, Katharina Morik, Vana Kalogeraki, Jakub Marecek, Avigdor Gal, Shie Mannor, Dimitrios Gunopulos, Dermot Kinane
Urban traffic gathers increasing interest as cities become bigger, crowded and \smart". We present a system for heterogeneous stream processing and crowdsourcing supporting intelligent urban traffic management. Complex events related to traffic congestion (trends) are detected from heterogeneous sources involving fixed sensors mounted on intersections and mobile sensors mounted on public transport vehicles. To deal with data veracity, a crowdsourcing component handles and resolves sensor disagreement. Furthermore, to deal with data sparsity, a traffic modelling component offers information in areas with low sensor coverage. We demonstrate the system with a real-world use-case from Dublin city, Ireland.
Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL)
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EDBT 2014
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17th International Conference on Extending Database Technology
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Royal Olympic hotel
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Mon, 24/03/2014 - Fri, 28/03/2014
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