Interacting with and via mobile devices and mobile robots in an assisted living setting

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M. Dagioglou, A. Lydakis, F. Kirstein, S. Dogruoz & S. Konstantopoulos
Using robotic home assistants as a platform for remote health monitoring offers several advantages, but also presents considerable challenges related to both the technical immaturity of home robotics and to user acceptance issues. In this paper we explore tablets and similar mobile devices as the medium of communication between robots and their users, presenting relevant current and planned research in humanrobot interaction that can help the telehealth community circumvent technical shortcomings, improve user acceptance, and maximize the quality of the data collected by robotic home assistants.
Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL)
Publication Name: 
EUDL, EAI Endorsed Transactions on Pervasive Health and Technology 1

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