A Logic-Based Approach to Activity Recognition

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Book Chapter
A. Artikis, M. Sergot and G. Paliouras
We have been developing a system for recognising human activities given a symbolic representation of video content. The input of our system is a stream of time-stamped short-term activities detected on video frames. The output of our system is a set of recognised long-term activities, which are pre-defined spatio-temporal combinations of short-term activities. The constraints on the short-term activities that, if satisfied, lead to the recognition of a long-term activity, are expressed using a dialect of the Event Calculus. We illustrate the expressiveness of the dialect by showing the representation of several typical complex activities. Furthermore, we present a detailed evaluation of the system through experimentation on a benchmark dataset of surveillance videos.
Software and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory (SKEL)
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Human Behaviour Recognition Technologies: Intelligent Applications for Monitoring and Security
H. W. Guesgen and S. Marsland
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