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and , Hybrid Method and System for Content-based 3D Model Search, .

, Retrieval of 3D Articulated Objects Using a Graph-based Representation, In Eurographics Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval, Munich, Germany, 2009. Proceedings (Michela Spagnuolo, Ioannis Pratikakis, Remco C. Veltkamp, Theoharis Theoharis, eds.), Eurographics Association, (Pages: 29–36), . [url] [doi]

, , , and , Relevance feedback in content-based 3D object retrieval- A comparative study, In Computer-Aided Design and Applications, Taylor & Francis, volume 5, (Pages: 753–763), . [doi]

, CIL3D: a content-based 3D model search engine, In Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts, DIMEA 2008, 10-12 September 2008, Athens, Greece (Sofia Tsekeridou, Adrian David Cheok, Konstantinos Giannakis, John Karigiannis, eds.), ACM, volume 349, (Pages: 524–525), . [url] [doi]

and , A concrete radialized spherical projection descriptor for 3D shape retrieval, In Utrecht University Dept. Information and Computing Aciences Technical Report UU-CS-2006-030.(ISSN: 0924-3275), .

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