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, OldDocPro: Old Greek Document Recognition, Chapter in Handwritten Historical Document Analysis, Recognition, and Retrieval — State of the Art and Future Trends, World Scientific, (Pages: 157–174), . [url] [doi]

, Event Processing for Maritime Situational Awareness, Chapter in Big Data Analytics for Time-Critical Mobility Forecasting, From Raw Data to Trajectory-Oriented Mobility Analytics in the Aviation and Maritime Domains, Springer, (Pages: 255–274), . [url] [doi]

, Virtualization Evolution, Chapter in Web-Based Services: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, IGI Global, (Pages: 2345–2372), . [url]

, Introduction to the RADIO Project, Chapter in RADIO–Robots in Assisted Living: Unobtrusive, Efficient, Reliable and Modular Solutions for Independent Ageing (Vangelis Karkaletsis et al., ed.), Springer, Cham, (Pages: 1–4), . [url] [doi]

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