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, Towards Making Fusion Data FAIR, In 17th International Conference on eScience, Posters Session, 20-23 September, .

, Intelligent Document Analysis in the Insurance Market, In 4th International Conference on Data Science and Information Technology (DSIT 2021), 23-25 July, .

, Solving the cold start problem in Trust Management in IoT, In 16th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2021), August 17–20, 2021, Vienna, Austria, .

, An Experimentation Platform for Automated Assessment of Multimedia Services over Mobile Networks, In IEEE INFOCOM 2021, IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications, 10-13 May, .

, 5G Experimentation: The Experience of the Athens 5GENESIS Facility, In IFIP/IEEE International Symposium of Integrated Network Management (IM 2021), 17-21 May, Bordeaux, France, .

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