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, and , Monitoring water level and water quality of lakes Macro Prespa and Ochrid using radar altimetry and MERIS data, In 2nd MERIS A (A) TSR workshop, Frascati, Italy, .

, , and , Integrated remote sensing and GIS techniques for improving trans-boundary water management: The case of Prespa region, In Selection of papers from IV International Symposium on Transboundary Waters Management, Thessaloniki, Greece, 15th–18th October, (Pages: 174–179), .

, Software Life-Cycle for an Adaptive Geographical Information System, In SIGMAP 2008 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications, Porto, Portugal, July 26-29, 2008, SIGMAP is part of ICETE - The International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications (Pedro A. Amado Assunção, Sérgio M. M. de Faria, ed.), INSTICC Press, (Pages: 393–396), .

and , Geological formation identification using hyperspectral imagery of Naxos island, In conference papers, (Pages: 344–352), .

and , Study of Prespa and Vegoritis Lakes using multisensor data, In 2nd Space for hydrology Workshop, ESA Geneva, Switzerland, 12-14 November, .

, , , and , A New Method Appropriate In Environmental Impact Assessment Studies For Natural Environment Land Cover Data Elaboration, In IASME TRANSACTIONS, (Pages: 629–635), .

and , Quality assurance (QA) procedures for software: evaluation of an ADC quality system, In Radiation protection dosimetry, NTP, volume 117, (Pages: 291–297), .

, , , and , Innovative feature selection used in multispectral imagery classification for water quality monitoring, In XXth ISPRS Congress, (Pages: 1354–1358), . [pdf]

, , and , Monitoring and assessing internal waters (Lakes) using operational space borne data and field measurements, In Proceedings of the European Water Resources Association on Water Resources management–EWRA Symposium, Izmir, Turkey, (Pages: 2–4), .

and , Environmental monitoring using Earth observation data and WebGis techniques, In 1st Mediterranean Conference on Earth Observation, Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, (Pages: 365-371), .

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