Resources / Open Source Systems

In the context of R&D projects, IIT has developed various services and research applications, most of which are provided as open source to the research community. Indicative services and research applications are summarised below:

  • Open Source library for audio analysis ( Already used in both academia and industry.
  • Soundscape quality analysis. Dataset openly available along with baseline machine learning code that recognizes soundscape quality from low-level features (
  • Complex event recognition engine with formal, declarative semantics, scaling to the high-velocity data streams of Big Data applications (open source software:
  • Probabilistic reasoning techniques that support robust complex event recognition in the presence of noisy data streams and incomplete knowledge (open source software:
  • Machine learning tool-kits extracting event patterns from data (open source software:
  • Ellogon language engineering platform and annotation engine, provided also as a software-as-a-service paradigm, through the national infrastructure clarin:el (
  • Morphological electronic lexicon for modern Greek, which was complemented with a lexicon of word polarities related to polarity detection/sentiment analysis.
  • NewSum technology (google play) for multilingual and multi-document summarisation.
  • Sentiment analysis tools from news and social media content.
  • Your Data Stories platform for interlinking data from diverse sources, providing analytics on top of semantically described data, organizing analytics as a set of interactive filters allowing users to easily visually explore, drill-down, and understand the presented information (
  • Semagrow Federated Query Processing Engine (
  • Big Data Integrator (BDI), a flexible, open-source platform that can be more easily deployed and customised to build Big Data pipelines (
  • RASSP protocol, a privacy-preserving system architecture and interface specification for computing aggregates over distributed sensitive datasets (
  • Roboticists Workbench, a toolbox for prototyping robotics research using the Robot OS (ROS), which includes RoboMAE annotation environment for sensor data (, and rostune tool for collecting network and CPU usage statistics from distributed ROS deployments.
  • COncORDE EMS prediction service: DSS tool which predicts medical resources required to be dispatched after earthquake and flood, using historical data and machine learning techniques.
  • ProFouND application: This App can support health care professionals in the decision making and counselling process regarding older persons living at home and being at risk of falling.
  • iwelli clinic web application: This web application allows health professionals to manage their patients via a simple and useful application. Health professionals can store patients’ information, vital signs, medical problems using the new FHIR medical protocol
  • The 5G platform will be available to any interested organization, (state, NOs, broadcasters, industry, companies in Technological park), to test and validate any application (vertical), that falls within its interest and business plan.
  • WayGoo platform for geo-locating and managing indoor and outdoor spaces and content with multidimensional indoor and outdoor navigation and guidance. Waygoo allows to create relationships between numerous and heterogeneous data. Enables institutions and organizations to document through computerized techniques their assets in order to handle and preserve the information produced.
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